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Financial Licensing Indicator™. A web-based assessment tool designed to identify candidates most likely to pass financial services licensing exams such as the Series 7 and Series 66.

Financial Sales Indicator™.  A web-based assessment tool designed to identify candidates most likely to succeed in financial sales roles.   button1.gif (1499 bytes)

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Tests and Assessments. Develop custom assessment programs for leadership identification, pre-employment screening, on-the-job development and certifications. Services include:

  • Sales assessment tools which predict hard sales and turnover
  • Competency Models, Job Analyses, and Needs Assessments
  • Assessment Centers and Telephone Roleplay Simulations
  • Developmental Assessment Programs
  • Web-based competency exams, certification programs, and training tests
  • Structured interview guides
  • Job knowledge tests, ability batteries, and work experience inventories
  • Validation Studies

Organizational Development. Manage research-based organizational effectiveness initiatives, and create and conduct training programs. Services include:

  • Firmwide employee surveys, targeted surveys, 360o feedback programs
  • Executive coaching to help leaders take action based on survey results
  • Performance management systems
  • Leadership development programs on coaching, hiring, and assessment
  • Training programs including web-based, classroom, print, and blended
  • Group facilitation and focus groups

Metrics. Create meaningful ways to measure the impact of HR development initiatives. Services include:

  • Bottom-line impact studies to demonstrate the usefulness of training
  • Scorecards and Data Dashboards for monitoring of critical HR functions
  • Statistical analyses of HR and performance data to help guide initiatives
  • Research design and statistical consulting for Six-Sigma and Baldridge projects

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