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Sample Projects

  • Designed a call center hiring program. The program focused on identifying people with great customer service as well as selling skills. The program consisted of a behavioral interview and a brief assessment center that simulated the various call center jobs in the organization.
  • Designed a sales selection system. The program consisted of a behavioral interview, a work experience inventory that predicted sales performance, and web-based tracking. The selection system was integrated with the firm’s training and development program.
  • Assessed leadership skills. Served as an assessor in several leadership development programs.  Assessed participants' skills, created development plans, and conducted one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Designed a management assessment center. The assessment center consisted of several exercises to simulate a day-in-the life of a manager. Activities included a coaching session with a new employee, a challenging discussion with a seasoned professional, a presentation to a management team, prioritizing in-box items, etc. 
  • Consulted on a salesforce reorganization.   Analyzed jobs in the sales organization, developed a multi-rater skills and preferences survey, created a process for placing people into new roles, and built a web-based system to enable the client to manage the process.
  • Presented stand-up training programs on HR topics. Facilitated programs for sales managers on interviewing skills and coaching skills.
  • Designed developmental assessments. These are mini behavioral assessments that are tied into a training curriculum. Employees and their managers find them useful for pinpointing areas of strength and weakness. Training managers benefit by using them as both a needs assessment and training evaluation.
  • Created web-based tests of training content. These are tests of basic knowledge gained in training as well as how to apply that knowledge in client situations. Test content included applications of procedures, product knowledge, soft skills, and technical skills.
  • Designed a model of sales team effectiveness. Conducted a survey of sales team practices and correlated the survey data with sales data. This resulted in a statistical model that outlined which sales practices led to increased sales. This model is being used to drive new business and training initiatives in the sales organization.
  • Evaluated the business impact of a training program. A training group licensed materials from an outside vendor and wanted to know the impact of the program. Conducted a study that showed that the training had a significant impact on job performance.
  • Automated Level 1 assessments. Level 1 "smile sheets," customized to each program’s objectives, were put online and automatically distributed to program participants. Summary reports were also automated and updated in real-time. This freed up many hours of program manager time.
  • Trained home office staff on item writing. Trained an instructional design group on how to write great test questions as well as how to review statistical item analysis information.

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