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  • Behavioral Interviewing Workshop. Hiring the right people may be the single most important thing a manager can do. This workshop provides managers with proven techniques for defining job requirements, assessing candidate’s skills, and identifying candidates most likely to succeed.
  • Finding Tomorrow’s Superstars: A Registered Representative Hiring Workshop. This workshop builds on the Behavioral Interviewing Program to include specific competencies and questions critical to hiring producers in the securities industry.
  • Feedback and Coaching Skills Workshop.  Everyone provides feedback and coaching, whether it's formal or informal.  In this workshop, participants will learn to deliver on-the-spot feedback in a quick, motivational manner.   They will also practice techniques for coaching people through difficult situations by reducing defensiveness, helping to uncover solutions, and gaining commitment to change.
  • Item Writing Workshop. Tests and assessments are used in many organizations to screen job candidates, assess strengths and weaknesses of current employees, and evaluate the knowledge gained in training and development programs. The foundation of any testing program rests on the quality of the test items. This workshop provides best practices for writing these items.


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